The pro-life view is now shared by a majority of Americans. The facts are on our side, yet a large percentage of the public remain unsure of the facts and/or hesitant to proclaim the pro-life message. Indeed, it would be very hard to understate the importance of confidence in spreading the pro-life message.

So, the main obstacle standing in the way of the average person to becoming an effective pro-life advocate is having the arguments and facts at his or her disposal to effectively refute pro-abortion rhetoric (often propounded by our mainstream media).

The purpose of this web site is to provide a convenient and free service to Churches and the public generally. The articles on a variety of Life issues can be used for Church bulletins, letters to the Editors of newspapers and so on.

The Pro-Life articles will help communicate, educate and inspire the public about the facts relating to abortion, euthanasia, and other pro-life issues, changing our culture and helping the pro-life movement to succeed.

Armed with the facts, the average American is better equipped to develop a passion for protecting innocent unborn life, becoming more aware about research pertaining to life issues, and developing an effective way to convey that vital message.